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Bresaola and slinzega

Bresaola and slinzega

The apex of the valtellinese charcuterie tradition. Unique and inimitable flavors.

Bresaola and slinzega are the real protagonists of the typical Valtellina products. To be enjoyed alone, or to be used in the creation of more elaborate dishes, they are a real goodness.

The strength of the bresaola and slinzega produced by Longa Carni is certainly the high quality of the carefully selected meat used.

At Longa Carni it is possible to find beef and venison bresaola. Even slinzega, a type of bresaola to be cut with a knife, smaller and tastier and with a shorter curing time than bresaola, is available in different versions: beef, pork, venison and horse.

The processing is totally handcrafted and handed down from the ancestors. Just as it used to be, Longa Carni bresaola is not stuffed: each one has its own weight and shape.

The list of ingredients is very short: top quality meat, Valtellina wine and fragrant herbs. But above all: wisdom, love and knowledge! What everyone would like to find on their table: a healthy, tasty, low-fat, and above all genuine product!

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