Longa Carni

Cheeses and typical products

Cheeses and typical products

Longa Carni: the kingdom of Valtellina flavors.

Longa Carni is bresaola, meats, cured meats... but not only! It is also cheeses and typical products. A real treat for the palate.

The Longa family welcomes you in a small corner of typical Valtellina products, which will leave you largely satisfied.

In the shop you will be able to buy local and mountain pasture cheeses: all strictly produced in Livigno by the hands of expert cheesemakers.

There is also a selection of unmissable Valtellina cheeses with a strong taste, such as Casera and Bitto. The flavors of Valtellina, however, are not finished yet: imagine all that the most typical Valtellina can offer.

The Longa family has already thought about it and put it on the counter. For the most gluttonous palates, the pleasure of sweet discoveries: the Bisciola Valtellinese, jams to accompany the tasty mountain cheeses and artisan honey are just some of the delicacies available in the shop.

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