Longa Carni



Longa Carni, much more than just a shop!

For 50 years, the Longa family has been transmitting all the passion for its work in two stores that express warmth, familiarity and love for tradition. Two shops with one soul!

The first Longa Carni shop was born on May 20, 1971 and is located in the center of Livigno, in “Plaza dal Comun 115”, in the house belonging to the grandfather. It is a "small corner of Valtellina" that welcomes a wide selection of typical products, from sweet to savory: various types of Valtellina sweets, artisan honey and jams for cheeses, cured meats, bresaola, pizzoccheri, flours, polenta, mushrooms, sauces and ragù.

A point of reference both for tourists, who can find here a “concentrate of typicality” to know the destination of their holiday and for the local customer, who decides not to give up the flavors of tradition.

The second shop, on the other hand, born in 1992 and renovated in 2020, is located in Livigno, in Via Florin 261 and has a different, modern mold: it‘s a real supermarket, where your every need will be satisfied!


In Livigno, with passion since 1971.

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Longa Carni
is in Livigno.