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At Longa Carni the raw material makes the difference: only high quality meats.

Longa Carni has always been synonymous with high quality! The historic butcher shop offers its customers only first choice meat, fresh and carefully selected, in a shop where order and cleanliness are prerogatives.

In the shop you can find different types of meat: poultry, veal, beef, pork and wild game meat. As well as for bresaola, slinzega, cold cuts and cheeses, Longa Carni has loved to try its hand at meat artisanal productions for years, which keep the deeply Valtellinese spirit alive!

Hence the internal and artisanal production of cotechini, sausages and small sausages, which, you know, are excellent served with a dish of steaming polenta on Sunday lunch and contain all the flavor of tradition!

Longa Family’s experience guarantees customers an efficient service and allows them to give valuable advice on the different types of meat and the various methods of preparation.

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High quality

Carefully selected top quality meat



Our workmanship is handcrafted, like it used to be



We do not add preservatives or dyes



We will be able to advise you on the right meat for your dishes

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